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After almost 3 years living and working in New Zealand, Racheblue returned home to London in March 2008. Her work reflects both of these very distinctive places and is heavily influenced by the diverse and lush New Zealand landscapes, flora & beaches as well as the more cosmopolitan characters and the vibrant mix of both new and old in the cityscapes of the UK.

Working with acrylic & mixed media on canvas Racheblue takes inspiration from the vibrant colours and unique environment that define New Zealand and the familiar yet constantly morphing historical culture of the UK and London in particular.

In addition to painting, the artist creates digital images from her original drawings, paintings & photographs using digital software to experiment & translate ideas into deep, multi-layered images. Demonstrating a fascination with the mythical, Racheblue draws on a vivid imagination and an ability to see beneath the surface in order to transform the ordinary into an enchanting fairy tale.

Upcoming Exhibitions

ArTea Party II - Wandsworth
Fairtrade Tea Party & Art Sale
12 - 6pm, Sat 7th March 2009
The County Arms, 345 Trinity Road, Wandsworth, London SW18 3SH

ArTea Party will make its debut UK appearance in London’s Wandsworth over Fairtrade Fortnight 2009. In the sumptuous setting of The County Arms’ conservatory, guests will enjoy delectable fairtrade refreshments whilst browsing equally tempting local art & craft.
Canvases, photographic prints, greeting cards, jewellery and fashion accessories will be exhibited for sale at this one day fairtrade fundraising event. Amidst the profusion of art, craft, tea and cake there will also be some great eco prizes to be won!
Hosted by bluAngeldesigns in conjunction with the Wandsworth Fairtrade Campaign, ArTea Party II promises to be a fabulous event for all to enjoy.

Further information:  ArTea Party website  | Press Release

Current Work

Stories & Memories - One of two main themes of Racheblue's current work is an ongoing investigation into how we remember the past and how we then portray those memories, mixed with nostalgia and desire, both to ourselves and to others.

Ethics and Environmental Sustainability - The other main theme of Racheblue's work is centred around the subject of Ethical & Sustainable Lifestyles. This work is a personal and social critique of how our consumer culture is evolving due to increasing public interest in ethics and the environmental challenges we face today. Ethical fashion, sustainable design and reduced consumption are key topics under creative discussion and Racheblue combines her artistic endeavours in these fields with research and writing on her weblogs - Ecomonkey and bluAngelAlmanac.

ArTea Party is part of the latter creative theme and aims to combine local art promotion and sales with charitable fundraising for causes deemed important to the artists involved as well as raising public awareness of eco and ethical choices such as fairtrade and organic consumerism. The 2nd ArTea Party will be held on 7th March 2009 at The County Arms, Wandsworth Common, London SW18. Visit the website for more details.

Freelance work, Commissions & Exhibitions

Fairtrade Tea Party & Art Sale fundraiser - ArTea Party II - London UK - March 2009
Exhibition - freerange - Te Karanga Gallery, Auckland NZ - Nov 2007
Art sale / Fairtrade awareness / Charity fundraiser - ArTea Party - Auckland NZ - June 2007
Healthy Eating Mural project - Westmere School, Auckland NZ - Oct 2006
The Original Art Sale 2006 - Eden Park, Auckland NZ - July 2006
Recycled CD Clock designs - RecyclingCDs - London UK - ongoing
Floral greeting cards - Wild At Heart Gallery - Ellerslie Flower Show - Auckland NZ - Nov 2005
Mermaid print series - Private client - Norwich UK - April 2003
By The Sea painting - Private client - Norwich UK - April 2003
Music CD cover - DJ Opaque Jake - London UK - June 2002
Greeting & email cards - Personal use / private clients - International - Nov 1999 - ongoing
Untitled painting - Private client - London UK - Nov 1999